Marketing Overview

The tool helps companies map out the marketing environment. It shows marketers and directors the scope of a given channel, what tasks can be done within it, and what can be achieved by completing the tasks. Thanks to the tool, the marketer and his specialist can work together,
point at the map
and look where they are right now and what steps they need to take next.

Marketing Maps Tool

The action plan for each of your projects shows your chosen tasks across all marketing channels. The Maps for various marketing channels contain hundreds of tasks curated by a panel of experts on the topic. In each map you can choose tasks that are relevant, benefical and achievable for your business. These are tasks that have the highest priority for you.

Marketing Visualization

What is the scope of SEO or PPC? Where does it begin and where does it end? Marketing Maps will show you what maturity level your project has and what tasks you still need to focus on.

Explanation of Each Task

Each tool has a description – What does the task mean; Why it needs to be solved; What does it mean if you neglect the task; How to solve the task; Links to sources with additional information

More Websites = More Projects

Separate each website or client into individual projects. In each project, keep track of individual task lists, audits and action plans.

Action Plan and Your Chosen Marketing Activities

Get an overview of marketing tasks for marketing channels in the SEO and PPC Map. Implement correct activity reporting thank’s to Analytics Marketing Map. Choose only the tasks with a high priority that need solving right now.

Lists With Hundreds of Tasks in One Place

See all of the tasks in one place. You get an overview of all tasks in one list to easily set a priority for each of them. This way you won’t forget about an important task. All tasks are selected by top experts on the topic. Tasks are divided in to 6 maturity level categories, showing when to implement a given set of tasks.