Planned for the 1st quarter of 2020:

  • Contents: List of tasks for Analytics (elaborated on 60%)
  • Connection to Paypal payment gateways
  • Content: To-do list for Search Engine content (70% in progress)
  • Screen: List all content sources on one page for Task details in PPC and SEO map (40% in progress)
  • Screen: Project Dashboard (40% in progress)
  • Screen: Audit (elaborated on 40%)
  • Features: Integration with other third-party tools (if you’re interested in working with us, let us know >>)
  • English version of website, tools and tasks (90% in progress)




  • Connection to card payment gateways


  • Task Detail Note, URL Shortener, ToolTips
  • Action Plan filtering and Undo button


  • Every task has its own detail!


  • In the General SEO and PPC Map screen, we add the ability to display the Task Group function in detail
  • Working with projects: Add multiple users to a project, rename and delete project functions
  • Working with projects: User can create multiple function projects
  • We run AffilBox to manage partners
  • Special offer of tariffs for agencies and freelance with more clients
  • A fundamentally redesigned tool look


  • Integration: We are part of the Collabim (link to Collabim and Marketing Maps) features
  • We launch the first version of General SEO and PPC maps in the form of interactive screen screens
  • After logging in do not forget to download the complete SEO and PPC map in .pdf in a well-arranged function table format
  • You can now export tasks from the Action Plan to the XLS function
  • Partner Program launched


  • Screen: General maps (PDF for download), followed by an interactive screen


  • May 15: Launch of the paid version for PPC – 347 tasks
  • 30 May: 250 projects started
  • Training emails


  • First version of the screen: Action plan screen
  • General maps (downloadable PDF) and an interactive screen
  • Automatic user creation function


  • 1.3. Establishment of Marketing Map s.r.o.
  • 8.3. Achieved 100 pre-registrations for the Basic version
  • Screen: General maps (PDF for download), followed by an interactive screen
  • Content: March 28: publicly launched tool and SEO map
  • Added in Task List filtering Feature Themes
  • Screen: General maps (PDF for download), followed by an interactive screen


  • 29.1.2019: Pre-registration to the tool started
  • 2018 and beyond
  • December 2018: Tool development started
  • September 2018: Presentation website launched
  • Spring 2018: Active Content Creation List of Tasks: Michal Krutiš, Petr Jiránek, Marek Adamkovič
  • Autumn 2017: First version of SEO map