367 different tasks in Marketing Maps are not a product of one’s imagination. These are real assignments that marketing specialists encounter on their projects and help them work with their clients. Now even you can take a look at the checklists and apply the recommendations on your site! All you need is the desire to learn and apply newly acquired information!

Filip Podstavec

Owner of SEO & PPC tool Marketing Miner

I am glad that Marketing Maps were created and there is a comprehensive list of things that websites or e-commerce projects should look out for. This will make it easier to work on the whole project and support the education of the whole industry.

Pavel Ungr

SEO consultant

Marketing Maps help me manage teams – speed up orientation, save time and help focus attention on the weak points. Moreover, it is a great study material for junior level colleagues.

Lukas Pitra

Ecommerce Consultant LukasPitra.cz

PPC is a field that changes (without exaggeration) almost every hour, and keeping track of all the changes is really challenging. With Marketing Maps you get clear, comprehensive, up to date and understandable instructions on what to do with PPC campaigns even if you don’t fully understand them. They help you focus on the right activity at the right time. You know what’s missing in your campaigns, what else you need to do and set up, and whether it makes sense for you.

Veronika Brindzová

Senior PPC Specialist and Google Trainer Veronikabrindzova.cz

You won’t find so much know-how in one place. One-time and continuous tasks help you manage your own team, prioritize by benefit, or monitor how the agency or freelancer is progressing with their work. All tasks were put together by experts with years of experience. I myself have broadened my horizons.
Zdeněk Dvořák

Top Class Linkbuilder Linki.cz

I think Marketing Maps are exactly what was missing in the SEO industry. A clear and understandable guide on what to do with websites so they don’t get lost in the Google abyss. Now please excuse me. I have 82 flaws on our websites that we need to fix. Thanks!

Dalibor Jaroš

Project Manager @ Collabim: SEO Tool

I am a big fan of working with checklists and the PPC Marketing Map helps not only to remember all the important steps in creating, taking over, managing and leading PPC campaigns, but also to realize what tasks (and in what sequence) need to be done.

Petra Větrovská

Czech PPC Specialist and author of "Klikařův průvodce" blog: Zaklik.cz

A checklist of 360+ SEO tasks to help you with search engines, selected by SEO specialists who work with them and have practical experience. For each assignment, you get an estimate of both cost and benefit. Maturity will help you go step by step and focus on the right activity at the right time. Marketing Maps are great for anyone who wants to handle SEO on their own or manage SEO for others.

Jaroslav Hlavinka

SEO Consultant @ Seznam.cz and author of Jakdelatseo.cz/ blog.

I am glad I could help with my experience to build such a complex and high-quality tool. I look forward to its further development and satisfied users to grow their online business.

Karel Hladiš

Marketing Team Leader @ Inizio

I enjoyed working on this unique project, a knowledge base that will show you exactly what to do. It helps you answer if the given task is relevant for the project and WHEN to implement it. Marketing Maps are exactly what was missing in the field.

Lukáš Kolovrat

Senior PPC Consultant @ WebPrezent.cz

A comprehensive and most importantly an updated overview of everything that should be applied in PPC campaigns for their best performance. As a result, you won’t forget to incorporate something important during optimization. I was happy to help and share my experience.

Martin Zeman

Senior Freelance PPC Consultant MartinZeman.eu

I was happy to help with description of the SEO tasks. As a result, even users without expertise will understand SEO better. They can choose what needs to be done in SEO and can communicate with specialists easier.

Jarda Pajskr

SEO Specialis and Content Marketer Pajskr.cz